Some Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Rules to Follow

Writing and delivering a high quality wedding speech will assure a respect that is known by many. For your part, you will require some early training as well as some courage to speak in front of an audience. The most common feelings that are not quite positive start when you are standing in front of a crowd and you feel not only that you are not ready to face what comes next, but many times an overload of emotions of all types. You’ll become then out of nowhere nervous, shy, even scared in some cases. You’ll find out that you cannot concentrate and you’ll not be able to remember what you wanted to say.

These negative reactions are a consequence that comes from your lack of experience combined with the fear of the unknown and unexpected. These reactions are not unusual but yet common and your comfort can be finding-out that there are always solutions that will show you what to do and that will guide you step by step to learn how to be a good writer and a magnificent speaker. It is up to you if you choose to follow them or not. More Speech Examples

You don’t have to worry about a thing, if you are a few weeks early and the wedding of your daughter is in the stage of planning, you’ve got some time that will ensure you with what you need to make this happen.

Use time as wise as you can

It is well accustomed that the mother of the bride is very involved in her daughter’s life, in decisions that are being made as well in the whole process of planning, shopping, and many other things that are to be followed so the wedding goes without any disturbance.

As a mother, if you are that kind of person who likes to keep it all very organized you’ll know that the best way to wrap it all up with success will require a mixture between planning a wedding and getting involved in your speech.

Starting early will definitely bring some huge advantages. For example, you’ll become a new person, a person who has gained her confidence in herself and in what she’s doing, who can watch the audience in the eye and speak up clearly, convincing and from the heart. You are then a person who becomes highly motivated by the circumstances, which rise up on the way of sharing these beautiful moments with her daughter and those that she cares for.

As you found out by now, the mother of the bride speech is one of the speeches which have some deep notes of empathy, some feelings that fill your heart and things to say that describe a great and powerful relationship based on love that was built over the years. The wedding of your daughter will definitely be one of the memories to keep in your heart and it will mark her entry into a new level of life-marriage.

By finding courage in your heart to speak, here is some gathered knowledge on how things are built.

The purpose of your bride’s mother speech

This might have been your second or third time in a row when you are dealing with an event such as a wedding, or even if it is your first time the pattern in all these cases is the same. It all depends on the purpose of your speech, your reason for speaking.

Since there are many situations that can be encountered even in the life of a family, according to each circumstance types of speeches are built upon. For example, your husband is not near with you and your children any more. In this case a decisive factor – which is indeed crucial to the whole content of the mother of the bride speech – is how much will you stay on this topic of describing the daughter-father relationship. A late husband and father can be a quite touchy subject even for your daughter. The best way in this case is to address a few words about his pride towards his daughter, and keep it in a fun and light memory without causing any more pain. Always bring up to light those fun moments that they shared together but without prolonging the description.

Or another one of the cases that many times can be encountered is that you are a good speaker as your husband is. Well in that case bravo, but still keep it short and without making of the whole speech time an Oscar winning award, since this is not a competition on who is speaking the best. Keep it fun, original and short. Consult with your husband not to speak about the same things or have the same lines or stories. The more authentic you become, the better are the chances to make all the guests want to listen to you more then you’ve planned.

You know that some men are not accustomed with ever being in the center of attention, not to mention speaking in front of an audience. What do you do if your husband is too shy to even perform? The solution is quite simple: you do it and speak in his behalf as it were his thoughts and your thoughts combined as one. You can even add a little joke about him having cold feet without provoking any harm or embarrassment from his side.

The speech

None of the women or men was a born writer, but the right attitude and the willing to persevere has always made a difference. You might not be a famous writer or screenwriter, you might even not be so sociable to speak in front of a crowd or you are lacking some skills, but as a mother you’ll always have to say something about your children.

As with any other speech, the structure of one is mainly based on a theme that is usually established in the beginning of your writing. It can be combined and represented in the form of stories, funny moments, jokes and emotional representations of reality.

The best way to pursue this is to have a well-organized plan of what you are going to speak about. The basic lines will define the speech as having an introduction, a middle part and an ending part that is completed and mixed up with the toast. In this final part, you usually share some glimpses of your life, some advices that will help the newlyweds, and a remarkable quote where their hearts will be saturated of positive emotions and a good overall feeling. This way all the guests will find a valuable treasure that was hidden in your best wishes, your future advices and your marriage experiences.

Jokes are always welcome and in many cases people know that the best man speech is full with it, but you can be as natural and original as you could be. After all, just because the best man will say jokes, the mother of the bride speech can do the same! Finding a joke that doesn’t offend anyone and that creates some huge laughter is always appreciated and welcomed.

Some more general tips of your speech structure are: to welcome the guests, speak about your daughter, about her partner-the groom, involving the in-laws. That way you’ll make all of them feel really appreciated and you’ll look like you’ve thought to include anyone present without any exception.

How will this go?Well, first remember that not all of the guests really know you, since half of them came from the groom’s side. There are cases when you are already announced and you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore. You can ask your daughter how the schedule of the reception ceremony will go, and I’m sure that she will inform you. In some cases, the groom and the bride have already decided the time frame for each speech, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Welcome all the guests

As a general rule of the speech, you can involve the guests by some short notes of welcome and of huge appreciation for those who have travelled from far away and were able to be here today. You can also choose to be more general in your affirmation, and thank everyone from the elders to the youngest that they are present today. Your remark will make them feel not only appreciated, but they will also feel like you care about them.

Your son-in-law

Even if you want to share as many positive details about your daughter as possible, such as her early years, your joy towards this moment, don’t forget to bring up in front some details about the groom since this wedding is about the acceptance of a proposal that was made and taken to the ultimate level: the marriage. You can describe (if you know the details) some details about how the two of them met, how he changed your daughter’s life for the best, what impressions he gave to you when you’ve met him. Things that matter for them as a couple are good to be mentioned. I’m pretty sure that all the guests are interested in hearing what you think about this, even the in-laws.

Don’t forget as well to welcome him in the family and since half of the guests came from his behalf, they will much likely want to hear how happy you are for them both.

Don’t forget the in-laws

This is a good opportunity to connect more with your daughter’s in-laws. As you’ve mentioned your family, you can now add some words of appreciation and support to the in-laws who have welcomed your child into their family and told everyone that it is now an extended family. Add a huge thank to them for any of their contribution that has made this wedding possible.

Don’t ramble

Your speech is not the sustaining of a thesis or any other academic paper, so you should take into account that the people present at the wedding didn’t travel from a distance to hear other people speaking all the evening. They came here to share the happiness that brought this coupletogether, your daughter and her groom.

Keeping it short, without rambling the words for minutes, will allow you to provide a wonderful but meaningful speech. It is not about how much you talk but it was always about how well you speak. Don’t expose you speech more than ten minutes or even eight, because then you’ll avoid the crowd effect of people getting bored and losing their calm and patience.

Much likely you’ll be among the first couple of people to speak, this depending on the newlyweds’ choices, so don’t make it all a moment of dull or any other negative mood that can install. The time frame of your speech should serve on your own benefit.Since the few first seconds count, make them pay attention to what you are transmitting and keep them motivated and they will love you.

See what others speakers have to say

One of the risks that you might want to avoid is encompassing the speeches as a reminder. This will make you a winner if you ask around to see what the groom and the best man have written in their speeches. That way you’ll avoid any feeling of frustration that you had the same lines and your performance will be as original as ever.

The application speech – do not!

One of the common mistakes that can be done at a wedding is to speak about your daughter as she was going for an interview to get a job. You can add some details about her achievements but not putting facts, grades or any other graduations to deliver a certain order. This is not about a job, you can use some expressions that will describe her character, but not more than it is suitable.

Don’t be too sentimental

Every mother-daughter relationship is one based on friendship and it is special, not to mention in some cases too sentimental. Too much in the case of a speech is not a good start and can be transformed quickly into something overreacted or even dull. Nobody is saying not to be emotional, but just don’t exaggerate.

People will understand you describing your relation with her, even how proud she has made you but you’ll have to find a suitable balance between the flows of feelings that will light up things like maybe a little teasing that will put everything right on track.

The ending

Well, as you assume, the ending as mentioned earlier will consist as well of a toast, so don’t forget to take a glass with you. If your husband has already had his toast, you can do another this time involving friends and family. The ending part is as important as the beginning part and what you choose to speak about will make the difference.

The mother of the bride speech is a speech of love, appreciation, sharing, friendship and a very deep bounding.

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