Secrets for a Successful Mother of the Bride Speech

In order to rest assured that you will have one of the best speeches, we’ll share some secrets for a successful mother of the bride speech. I am convinced that while some of these secrets will leave you saying “wow, that could actually work” and others would make you say “I knew that one” or “that doesn’t even work”. Still, in the majority of cases, all these secrets will help you enjoy a great outcome in the end – for your wedding speech! FIND HERE 25 Bride’s Mother Speech Examples

The legacy

mother of brideThere is always a legacy of mother of the bride speeches, or not necessarily – it might just be a legacy of wedding speech presenting/editing in general. In other cases, in some families, you might find out that there’s no legacy – your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunt and uncle, parents or others will fail to tell you any good ideas for this aspect of life. If that is the case, you can make use of your friends’ legacies or someone else you know or even your husband. There is always someone around you who can share something valuable about wedding speeches.

On the other hand, if you have a legacy, you need to find out. Ask everyone and make sure you listen to them. Just because you listen to 20 people doesn’t mean you agree with all of what they said. It simply means you were polite and you respect them, so you made sure that you can listen to their stories and everything they say. In the end, who makes decisions? That’s right: you make them. So, it’s worth taking a look into legacies – you might be positively surprised to find out about certain tips, hints, challenges or whatever else your friends and family members will tell you. Here you Have 25 Speech Examples

Read simple expert intros

There are many websites out there, published by different authors. These websites all promote some books and many of the promoted books have to do with writing a mother of the bride wedding speech. Without actually purchasing your book or e-book, you can read the introduction text. If you notice that it’s all nonsense or that it’s making no point, you might re-consider whether you purchase the item or not. On the other hand, when you see an introduction that is appealing, challenging and makes great points – then you can purchase.

After all, just because you invest some money and buy books or other resources doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother. You’re just a great mom, looking forward to write a great speech – for which you need solid ground and inspiration.

Watch mother of the bride speech fail stories/videos

A part of learning what to do is noticing what not to do. If you learn to follow this very simple principle then it’s a lot easier to have a time for preparing the speech and then presenting it, without repeating some ugly mistakes other people made. If you see how you can fail – you will naturally know some of the things to avoid. That is helpful, in all cases.

YouTube is another great resource. It’s free, full of amazing videos and you can always find something, no matter what you’re currently looking for. So, if you desire to see some videos with successful or failed mother of the bride speech moments, look around on YouTube. You’ll be surprised to find hundreds, thousands, probably too many videos to even count. Even the ones that didn’t have the right title or keywords in title will allow you to learn something great, something new.

Relaxation in any circumstances

You need to learn that by relaxing you actually get to be a winner in the situation. I know it’s not always simple, it’s not always easy and you’ll feel stressed or in disagreement a lot of times. Still, it’s a good way to rest assured about having everything under control.

To make sure you can relax, you need to check a couple of things and have them done. Let me present them!

Make sure you have the dress

The dress you are going to wear at the ceremony and another one if you want to change the dress after a couple of hours – these are important. If you have them then you have peace in your mind, but if you’re not in possession of these then you’re stressed without actually realizing it. So, it’s best if you arrange these things in time and don’t think like “I still have months left to do it”. Stop thinking like that and pushing everything to the future! Make them now and accomplish things, without remaining with many responsibilities.

Shoes, jewelry and others

You will also need to have the shoes and accessories, all of what you need. It’s as important as the dress is, so you can know from now that it’s better to have them all in time. After all, when you don’t have a to-do list which is too long, you’re more relaxed, knowing things are under control and that you also have enough time to make it.

Have the speech text

You don’t necessarily need the final mother of the bride speech text ready way in advance, but you definitely need to make sure that you have at least ideas. There are many people, both women and men, who simply fail to be happy for some ideas written on paper, in Notepad or Word, or in other places. They simply assume things like “oh, I have nothing” or “I just have the worst ideas ever, no one is going to appreciate what I want to say”. Stop being like that and freaking out like that – it is to no avail and will not help you. What helps you is keeping track of all your ideas, making sure you have plenty of them. If there are too many ideas in the end? Not a problem, because you have some to choose from at least. Also, progressively, you can advance towards having the final mother of the bride speech text. The sooner you have it (complete or partially complete), you will be able to enjoy the time, helping the young couple and other daily duties.

These are a few hints in what you need to check in order to be relaxed. It’s much more to it, but it’s a great start to have these accomplished!

Avoid negative influence

There are people who assume that if they are able to convince you about hardship or challenges in your mother of the bride speech, you will listen to them more and they will be able to capture your attention. You don’t need to talk about things as people do in many cases, acting like drama kings or drama queens! You really need to let go of such attitudes. You know about those friends or family members who keep telling you “this is hard” or “it’s only going to happen after a lot of time and hard work” and others as such? If you don’t listen to these bad ideas, you will have an easier time with the speech. If you start believing it’s hard or that it comes with difficulties, you will start freaking out and seeing difficulties even where there are none.

Another way to have negative influence avoided is to stop reading news about people who failed or did really bad things. Just because others made the wrong choices and they failed in life, doesn’t mean your daughter is the same and it doesn’t mean you’re the same. So, you really don’t need those kinds of news stories. Also, if someone tries to tell you “you are too tired” or “your daughter won’t like it, trust me”, then it’s either a good friend giving a good advice for today (because if you’re tired you recover by tomorrow and if you have a bad idea, you can change it in a couple of days to a good one) or someone who is trying to make you stop and fail.

You need to stand up and decide to cut out the negative influence!

Read articles and posts from many sources

After reading this particular article, don’t stop. Every article has its particularities and you never know what good ideas are to be learned from here or there. If an article is trying to convince you that you need 1000 books and 8 months to be prepared – you can know it’s not true. On the other hand, if every article you find will share tips differently, laying out different perspectives in front of your eyes – you can try to follow those.

Sometimes, there is a lot of resemblance between different types of wedding speeches. Even if you’re about to write a mother of the bride wedding speech, it doesn’t mean it’s very different from writing a father of the groom speech or another kind of speech. Obviously, the language and the focus of one or the other is not the same, but the structure, helpful ideas, preparations and other elements – those are in common and they apply in every case.

Furthermore, the more sources you use the better it is for you in the following days or weeks, because you have gathered a whole lot of ideas which are all useful. Never consider certain ideas as wrong or as unnecessary – you can never know which ones are the most helpful. Then, there are different websites that are only about writing the best wedding speech. Yes, the approaches are different as well as the ideas, still all of them are helpful to some point.

Consult with your friends and family members

Sometimes, whether you believe it or not, you will have the best ideas from friends or family. It’s not always something people are comfortable with, because we tend to make it our own way. Still, by asking help you will only have something to gain because you will have an easier time preparing the speech. Also, your friends and family members will tell you whether your speech is good or seems boring and hard to follow (which is very important for you to know).

Furthermore, you will get used to having people who watch you, listen to you and then you won’t feel to stressed.

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