Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

Nothing compares to the feeling of becoming the bride’s mother. Since your children are little, you are trying not only to provide for them but also to keep them safe and to give them the best you could ever give. Even you buy them things, offer them that certain amount of love and in an instant you will realize that the years have passed away, they went to college, they have a stable job and they meet someone, they fall in love and what is next is that you realize you are caught in planning a wedding alongside of them. More Bride’s Mother Speeches HERE

mother of the bride wedding speechTo plan a wedding is one of the exciting and challenging opportunities that one has to pass through. Even more, one of the exciting moments is also the speech part where you take memories that last for a lifetime and you write them on a sheet a paper that later will become a memorable part of the wedding.

As the mother of the bride, emotions can always be very huge and might affect you in the wrong moments, so it would be easier to set them apart and try to offer a true and sincere speech that will make an impact in the lives of those gathered to celebrate this special occasion.

For your daughter this will be a capturing moment that she will keep it in her heart and she will definitely use it as a telling story for her children or to her friends. But first, in order to maintain a natural atmosphere, where people are enjoying every moment of it (especially your mother of the bride wedding speech), you should take some time and build a plan that will help you organize for the best.

When stepping into this act of speaking in front of a crowd, here are some tips and some steps to follow that will help you a lot in delivering one of the best speeches. It all starts with the right attitude from your part as a mother and what would you like to transmit, on that day. Your introduction will be as important as your ending, so just relax, take a deep breath and think what it is going to be about. You can use things that connect the two lovers, how much the happiness of your child means to you and to the whole family. Express those thoughts clearly from your heart. This will offer the necessary emotion to the speech of making it touching.

Also, if you have a quote that you used to describe the state of an emotion, or to describe the wedding and that moment, then don’t hesitate to use it, because it will bring joy to many hearts especially to the hearts of your daughter and her future husband.

You can also capture this moment in the speech by telling a short story about their lives or you can express appreciation of the fact that this is the right man for your daughter, and that he changed her life for the best, bringing sunny days and a lot of happiness.

But before using the mother of the bride speech, you should do a little rehearsal at home. You will notice that the mirror is a great help that will show you how to improve some parts of the speech. From this exercise you can easily observe your mimic, the posture of your own body, what you transmit with every word that is spoken from your mouth.

Or you can always use the help of your family or closest friends, by testing the speech on them you will discover how they react to it. Then according to this survey, you can use their sincere opinions to make a brainstorming and improve a lot your speech.

Since this exercise proves to be so efficient, you can also time your speech to see the length of it. Don’t make it too long because then you might encounter the risk of people getting bored. The note you write your speech in can influence a lot the atmosphere you create, you can add some funny notes that will loosen up the people or you can use these to capture their attention by writing it under the text of a poem and so on.

Also, the mother of the bride speech has to be brought in light in the very best of the moments, because it would be like a great testimony. One of the best moments for the speech is between the meals. When people have already eaten and they are calmer and have more patience to listen to what you have to say, it’s just the right time to speak out.

As people, we are designed to transmit through every fiber of our being, so use the posture of your body to denote a relaxing and joyful state in which many mothers will find themselves, address your thoughts and your feelings to them, to the families and to all the friends that came to be part of these unique moments.

Another fact is this: don’t take a position of business woman like you will want to address to your employees, definitely this is not the case and the time to do that or as a woman who is teaching one of her children, just be that mother that the bride needs you to be on this important day for her. Your support will mean a lot to them as a newly wedded couple.

Also, don’t make it an awkward moment by fixing your eyes on a certain person in the audience, a beloved one or only the family. Just make all the looks to settle on the lovely couple when you feel the right moment to do that and from time to time look up to the public. Make them want to share glimpses of the bride’s and groom’s hearts joining together on this day as they are stepping into the new life as husband and wife.

Your eyes will always transmit a lot of emotions, so it would be wise to denote not moods of confusion or any other contrary states that are not suited for the moment, but let your eyes express your heart, what wishes you’ve prepared for them.

When it comes to the body language, don’t make the people nervous by gesticulating too much with your hands, because many wrong impressions might appear if you don’t use the correct form of expression.

The mother of the bride speech will always offer a truly emotional testimony of how a daughter leaves behind an old life, in order to become a woman, a wife, a mother when time will come and enters with someone standing along with her as they are facing the hardness of the life, but also the wonders and the happiness that marriage will bring.

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