Mother of the Bride Speech – Preparing and Structure

Preparing for the bride’s mother speech

There is always an anxiety within you, something you need to separate from. How can you do that? By taking the necessary steps, it is more likely that you won’t feel any difficulties further on, at least not related to this wedding. Download 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Samples

Know what your role is

It is important to clearly understand what your role is with this wedding speech. As the mother of the bride, you are first overwhelmed with a bunch of responsibilities, duties and whatnot. These are all very normal, and they come with every single wedding. You can surely anticipate that whatever was assigned to you in the first days or weeks might change, and might become even more. It can include things you have normally thought about and also things you were hoping to avoid sooner or later. Still, you can’t avoid anything, especially once things have been put on your shoulders.

One of the hardest duties is that you will be asked to solve flower arrangements, dresses, cakes, many things. Maybe for some of them you will contract an individual or company to cater the services, but still it’s quite some hassle and effort invested until you know that you work with the right people. Many people have great advertisements, but for your daughter’s sake, you will surely try to find out which one of them tells the truth. MORE Speech Examples

Let’s say, considering it when it’s not urgent, that you think it’s all simple and can be handled accordingly. While this is seemingly very true, it’s never like that. You will sometimes find yourself in a situation that you have ordered pink flowers, but they brought yellow. Then, you need to convince them that this wasn’t the real order you have placed, but you also need to waste the time by waiting for the right flowers to come. Then, if this was left until the last minute, it can disturb you and can cause a lot of stress. The example with the flowers is not necessarily the main factor we are targeting here – many things, similarly, can cause pain.

Obviously, your role is not limited to the arrangements. Since arrangements can last for months, you can’t ignore society. Your husband, your friends – while they all know about the wedding and about your mother of the bride speech that needs to be edited, they will still expect to meet you, to spend time together and to discuss general matters. Also, especially because your husband is as involved as you are, he will also be expecting to relax with you and to go out for a dinner or a movie, or just simply stay at home and do something there. In any case, when you start counting these things, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Also, you might have a demanding job and then the formula is even further complicated.

Now, to overcome these giants of stress, you need to accept the situation. By not accepting the situation, what will change? Some things might change, but not for the better. For instance, you might disappoint your daughter by not taking care of an aspect or another. Then, furthermore, you can disappoint your boss by not letting him know about early leaves and if you don’t take care, lack of communication will also get you fired quickly. If none of the above happens, you might find yourself with heart health issues, due to being exhausted on a daily basis and never getting enough rest. In any of the cases, things can go crazy pretty quickly. By accepting how you need to do the things you need, you will find it a lot easier to handle it all.

Baby steps towards completing tasks

You need baby steps to make sure you handle everything. Don’t try to over-think things and don’t try to make sure that everything is completed within a couple of hours or days. Most of the time things must be taken like this: until this or that is complete, it takes quite some time. That is not a problem and it’s not a mistake. Every time you see something needs to be solved, just make sure you solve it. Don’t try and solve things while thinking about the next dozen of things. Take them just one by one.

The same goes with preparing the mother of the bride speech itself. You will need patience and understanding, making sure that the speech text is written daily. Even if you just see a line or two of text per day, and you have an impression that it will never be fully complete, don’t give up! Make sure you continue, taking things further up until it’s all done. You always need commitment and dedication, but never in life is giving up a solution.

Learning the body language

You will need to learn the body language which is necessary for any good wedding speech. There are certain rules to be kept and every one of these is important.

For example, you need to watch out for the eyes. Who are you looking at? What do your eyes reflect from the deepest secrets of your soul? It’s all significant and people always notice if you are hiding something, or if you don’t feel comfortable about things. You need to have a confident attitude, which is to be shown towards everyone, making sure they see it and feel it.

Then it’s all about the hands. A wrong position of your palms might indicate that instead of speaking as for a wedding speech, you have a defensive or even offensive attitude. Don’t let people see that by the gestures and movements of your palms and arms – let them feel how compassionate, loving, caring and enthusiastic you are instead. How do you make sure that they get the right message? Study politicians and business people, and observe their hands, their palms. Is it all good and natural? Is it all in “business”? Now, for the wedding, the business body language is not what you need. You will need a different movement, which you can learn by following some movies and successful wedding speakers.

Introducing the speech

You should never skip a mother of the bride speech introduction, even if you could swear people already know about who you are and how the wedding came along to be organized on that particular day. Don’t begin assuming – just make an introduction. It needs to be something short and natural, related to the event itself. It’s not a hard theory to come up with a great intro!

Speak about your gorgeous daughter

Everyone came together to make sure that they will celebrate with the newly wedded couple. These young lovers made sure to call their friends and relatives, making sure that everyone who is important to them will attend. Now, things can change, and not everyone can make it, but most people are truly there.

What they are most interested in are the speeches of the parents (yes, this includes you) and the speeches of the best man and maid of honor. Other than these speeches, even if there are others, they don’t care that much about them. So, remember: the highlight is on your words too!

You surely have at least a thousand wonderful thoughts and ideas, all about your daughter. While it might seem as just five minutes of speaking, if you would say it all, it would last for an hour or more, and people will never tolerate that for a wedding speech. What they will tolerate instead is speech no longer than five or up to ten minutes for the most amazing speeches. Beyond ten minutes? Let’s not go there!

You can start speaking about her early years. What made her a great girl? How did others see her? How was it with her best friends? What did she achieve in high school? These might seem just the smallest details for you as a mother, but for the guests it’s lovely to hear it all. Of course, when I’m talking about hearing it all I refer to the short version of things. Don’t make things too long as people don’t care about that many details.

Then, people will surely need to hear about the relationship with the groom. This is actually the moment in their lives when the great change was already beginning – whether they had a clue about it or not. Maybe it all started like an average relationship, and situations made them bond. Or maybe it was a strong bondage from the first moment, which led to marriage quickly. Whatever the situation was, you should definitely tell a story about it. People will love to hear that and they will be more than just excited. If you are wiser, since you can’t add as many details about the groom as people would expect, you can include the details in this section about him too. This is done by talking about them instead of about your daughter only.

Many people do this, and even if it was the mother of the groom, she would also try to speak about them and not about the bride separately after speaking about the groom. However, this is not mandatory, and you can also speak about the groom afterwards. Also, there have certainly been situations which were truly difficult and which made these people love each other the more. A couple always has a book length of stories.

Try and remember funny stories from their lives as a couple, the ones you know about. It’s never wrong to enlighten the atmosphere with a bit of cheery moments. It’s all about remembering some interesting details, some moments that caused you to burst in tears of laughter. I am absolutely confident that every couple had their unique comedy story. Now, speaking about comedy, you need to generally understand how great it is if you can include jokes in the mother of the bride speech. I am not referring to many jokes made randomly or jokes taken for every single situation, but I am referring to a good sense of humor there. It is also a sensitive manner, as some happenings might make the couple want to scream or run away. I mean there are some things you shouldn’t even mention, because while those details seem innocent to you, they are offensive and destructive for the couple. You should never make this mistake just for the sake of being the “funny mom”. You should try to highlight moments that unwillingly ended up being funny, but in a natural way. Study things before speaking about them – would it feel good if you were the bride? Would you love hearing your mother speaking those words about you?

Then, there are those unique hard moments for every couple. I am referring to moments that were hard or even nearly disastrous, things that made them unite even more. Those are also worthy of being mentioned – at least the guests will also know how purely and deeply these two are in love. It’s always good to share heart touching stories!

Don’t forget to show appreciation towards the groom’s family and saying that the groom is now dear to you, accepted as a new member of your own family. These thoughts are critically important.

Getting closer to the end

If you haven’t spoken about them as a couple, you will need to speak as much about the groom as you spoke about your daughter. While this might seem hard, you can do it, especially since you know it in advance.

Then, it’s all about sharing some wonderful quotes that can be taken from songs, books, poems – whatever source you find worthy. Make sure the quotes are about love, understanding, happiness or similar topics. Never quote something sad!

If you don’t want to quote, just speak your own words and tell them some important piece of advice.


This is actually simpler than it sounds – you need to raise the glass and toast for the couple. What text to say? Well, there are many samples of texts, but it’s generally about love, having a successful life together, raising beautiful children, being happy for their union. Thoughts like these work magic for a mother of the bride speech toast!

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