How to Prepare the Mother of the Bride Speech

Dear God, how am I going to make it through this wedding?  It is going to be very hard to give my little girl away to the man of her dreams.  As I work on my mother of the bride speech, I find it very difficult to stay on a positive focus.  This is my little girl I am letting go of her hand.  I remember the day I gave birth to her, it seems only yesterday.  She was so tiny and I was so scared to know that I was responsible for this beautiful baby girl.  I would need lots and lots of help.  What if I let her get hurt, what will I do, will I panic or will my mother instinct kick in?  What if I lose my temper and yell at her.  What if she hates me?  So many unknown questions running through a new mothers mind.  As the years went by my motherly instincts did kick in and we all survived.  I watched her grow from a tiny baby that was totally dependent on me and her father, to a toddler still dependant on mom and day.  As the years flew by I saw that dependence gradually grow to independence.  Wow, can I tell some stories of those adolescent rebellious teen years. Maybe I can include a couple in my bride’s mother speech.  I think God gave us teenagers so we will be happy to let them go when the time comes.

As I introduce myself in my mother of the bride wedding speech, by the way I never knew the mother of the bride had to make a speech, I feel the emotions rising.  How can I do this?  How can I hand my little girl off to a boy?  When did she grow up?  When did she become so smart? When did she fall in love?  Oh, my, there are so many unknown paths to travel through life. I think this is one of the hardest.  Will my daughter survive marriage?  Will my new son-in-law take good care of her?  Will he treat her right?  Will he protect her the way I have?  Will he make her happy? Then I look into her eyes and I see the happiness she feels when she looks in the eyes of her new husband.  Then I see the same look in his eyes as he looks and hers also, and I feel much better.  They will be okay.  Will I make it through this mother of the bride speech?  More

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Bittersweet Wedding for the Bride’s Mother

It is so hard to believe my little girl is all grown up.  Where did the time go?  “God keep her in your arms.”  She is starting on whole new journey into the outside world.  I am no longer in control of her life.  “Please help her make the right choices.” I must start making notes on my mother of the bride speech.  It has to be perfect.  This is a new to me, I have never given a speech in front of my family and friends.  This is so stressful.  I must make a plan, starting with an outline for my mother of the bride speech:

  • First I must introduce myself
  • Second I must prepare what I want to say to my daughter
  • Third I must make my new son-in-law feel like he is a part of our family
  • Fourth I must welcome his parents and family into our family
  • Last of all I must wish the newly married couple many years of happiness

I want everyone to know I am the mother of the bride, so I want to make a good first impression.  I could include some wonderful funny stories in my mother of the bride speech.  I must remember to keep the stories in good taste, nothing to embarrass my daughter.  I probably do not want to talk about any old boyfriends, but I could tell about my first meeting with her new husband.  In my mother of the bride speech I could talk about a couple of her accomplishments and let her know how proud I am of her. More

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