Bittersweet Wedding for the Bride’s Mother

It is so hard to believe my little girl is all grown up.  Where did the time go?  “God keep her in your arms.”  She is starting on whole new journey into the outside world.  I am no longer in control of her life.  “Please help her make the right choices.” I must start making notes on my mother of the bride speech.  It has to be perfect.  This is a new to me, I have never given a speech in front of my family and friends.  This is so stressful.  I must make a plan, starting with an outline for my mother of the bride speech:

  • First I must introduce myself
  • Second I must prepare what I want to say to my daughter
  • Third I must make my new son-in-law feel like he is a part of our family
  • Fourth I must welcome his parents and family into our family
  • Last of all I must wish the newly married couple many years of happiness

I want everyone to know I am the mother of the bride, so I want to make a good first impression.  I could include some wonderful funny stories in my mother of the bride speech.  I must remember to keep the stories in good taste, nothing to embarrass my daughter.  I probably do not want to talk about any old boyfriends, but I could tell about my first meeting with her new husband.  In my mother of the bride speech I could talk about a couple of her accomplishments and let her know how proud I am of her.

Now, what do I say about my new son-in-law?  How do I give a mother of the bride speech welcoming him into our family?  If it was a long engagement I should have a couple good funny stories about him, just to break the ice, so he does not feel uncomfortable.  He is a very important part of our family from this point on.  He is the one that will have to protect her and love her.  My baby girl is totally in his care.  I must keep my eyes open and make sure he stands up to his role in protecting her. He is the one she chose to spend her life with.  He is the love of her life.

Oh, my, this is going to be work, writing out what I want to say in my mother of the bride speech.  I want to make sure I do not leave anyone out.  I want to make sure my new son-in-law’s parents feel welcome and feel secure in the uniting of our two families.  They are my baby girls, in-laws, and it’s important that our families stand together supporting them in their new journey in life. This is the most important step they will ever have taken. In my mother of the bride speech I want to encourage them and let them know there will be ups and downs, but the love they have for each other will help them through the down parts.

When giving a mother of the bride speech it is very important to thank those involved in the wedding.  Probably first of all you will need to thank your husband for putting up with you when you are yelling at everyone because you are so stressed out making sure everything is perfect for your little girls wedding.  It’s hard to remember to thank the florist for making all the beautiful flower arrangements and for putting up with all the changes you made throughout the preparations. It is important to thank the caterers that made all the wonderful food for the reception. The minister is also a very important part of the wedding; you could include a thank you to him in your mother of the bride speech.  He has probably spent many hours counseling your daughter and her new husband making sure they know what they are doing.  He must make sure they are meant for each other.

The bridesmaids are a very important part of the wedding.  In your mother of the bride speech, let them know you appreciate them, they are your daughters best friends and have been by her side for several weeks supporting her, laughing with her, crying with her.  They have been there for the emotional roller coaster.

It’s always a good idea to recognize any grandparents that were able to attend the wedding.  Sometimes by the time a couple decide to get married their grandparents have passed away or are getting on in age and not in good health.  It is remarkable to see grandparents at the wedding.  They need to know you love and appreciate them. I loved my grandparents very much and I still miss them sometimes, Grandparents are very special and need your respect.

If you have any guests that have traveled a long way to come to the wedding in your mother of the bride speech let them know you appreciate them traveling so far to attend your daughter’s wedding.

In your mother of the bride speech, you could include a little wisdom.  Let them know life is not always easy and there will be rough patches along the way, but their love for each other will help them through these rough patches.  Let them know you will always be there for both of them.  When they were united in marriage your new son-in-law became your son.

So many marriages today do not last.  It’s sad to say many couples give up when they hit that first hurdle. They don’t know how to get past those rough spots.  Let your daughter and her new husband know you are supporting them, they are not alone.  They have you and his parents to help them get over those hurdles.  They need to know they can do it.  Their love can endure.  It takes love and commitment from both of them to make it work.

To conclude my mother of the bride speech I will want to wish them a long and happy life together.

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